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Green soup, with a variation for creating ‘stinky pee’

So…Katherine did this lovely illustration for asparagus, and while it isn’t in season for all of us around the world right now, it is one of my favourite vegetables (that wasn’t always the case) so any excuse.  This is a recipe for a really… Continue Reading “Green soup, with a variation for creating ‘stinky pee’”

London Omelette

Not ‘folded frying pan’ omelette, not a ‘Denver’ omelette, not a Spanish omelette (which is actually called a tortilla in Spain – not to be confused with those corn or flour tortillas you use for burritos and tacos!)….and there really isn’t an ‘official’ London… Continue Reading “London Omelette”

Veggie fritter and halloumi stacks

  A healthy veggie-filled, meat-free meal.  Courgettes (in the UK, zucchini in the US…and I have no idea why the Brits go with the French name and the Yanks go with the Italian name)  are my fall back vegetable…you can do everything with courgettes,… Continue Reading “Veggie fritter and halloumi stacks”

PB&J cake for Devin

My nephew Devin lives in California, he is very curious and fun to go grocery shopping with because he loves going through the vegetables and fruits, looking for new things and asking me how you cook them. Devin loves his veg…and steak.  He also… Continue Reading “PB&J cake for Devin”

Tropical beef tacos

As a kid tacos were always my favourite dinner. At first I thought Taco Bell was great (Americans will know what I am talking about and yes I am embarrassed) …but I soon gained an appreciation for my mom’s minced beef tacos and couldn’t… Continue Reading “Tropical beef tacos”

Enchilada Lasagne

Enchiladas…but layered up like lasagne, a marriage of two delicious dishes that always go down well with kids (and grown-ups). Voila. I have a soft spot for enchiladas, they are definitely in my top 10 comfort foods (number one being mashed potatoes and gravy). … Continue Reading “Enchilada Lasagne”

Francis’ Fabulous Cheeseburger Pizza

So I had a little chat with Francis (an 11 year old rugby-playing burger-lover who enjoys reading Private Eye! Really.), after chocolate milkshake- his two favourite things are cheeseburgers…and pizza (and then cherry tomatoes…I’ve seen him eat an entire punnet in minutes…and I have… Continue Reading “Francis’ Fabulous Cheeseburger Pizza”

Broccotato Quffins

Recipe number 2! I am on a roll (sort of). Moving from sweet to savoury today. This is a recipe from Katherine, (but the name is mine). Perfect for breakfast, lunch, snacking, picnics….These are good hot out of the oven, or at room temp.… Continue Reading “Broccotato Quffins”