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Broccoli and Pasta the perfect blend for a date….a.k.a. George’s Broccoli Pasta Bake

George lives next door to me, and his favourite breakfast is toasted muffins with chocolate spread….I couldn’t create a recipe from that, but luckily he loves broccoli, macaroni  cheese and something he calls ‘cheese flan’.  Now those I could work with.  It may sound…

California Roast Veggies

Why California? You ask…well…I asked Katherine to draw some roast veggies and when I got the sketch I had a good laugh and was inspired to revise the recipe with some more classic ‘California’ ingredients, and both Katherine and I grew up in California,…

Broccotato Quffins

Recipe number 2! I am on a roll (sort of). Moving from sweet to savoury today. This is a recipe from Katherine, (but the name is mine). Perfect for breakfast, lunch, snacking, picnics….These are good hot out of the oven, or at room temp….