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The Legend of the Giant Yorkshire Pudding

For awhile now I have been hearing tales of the elusive (well, elusive in London at least) Giant Yorkshire.  Most of the extolation is from my boyfriend who associates the Giant Yorkshire with his happy college days. I think he has been on a… Continue Reading “The Legend of the Giant Yorkshire Pudding”

A Good Burger in London

Who doesn’t like a good burger?  For  me, I think a burger has some sort of calming reaction with my body, it sounds strange, but somehow the comforting dribble of grease and cheese makes any stress just melt away (for you veggies out there-… Continue Reading “A Good Burger in London”

Madrid or Barcelona?

So…who is the winner? Most would probably say Barcelona and it really is a fun city and very tourist friendly. I just spent a few days in Madrid and it is a ‘quieter’ city, but somehow struck me as more “Spanish”. My last night… Continue Reading “Madrid or Barcelona?”

Vegas Baby!

Disneyland for grown-ups…..or maybe in the spirit of Hunter S Thompson, Disney on acid. Either way Las Vegas is a very surreal place. Smack in the middle of a desert…..a bizarre oasis of global ‘replicas’ and fantasies. For some strange reason I like the… Continue Reading “Vegas Baby!”

Brief Moments in Barcelona

So….the glamourous life of working in far-flung locations. Someday I might experience that…in the meantime I tend to spend too much time in airline lounges and taxi cabs.  For now, until I find the glamour, I do try to at least sneak out and… Continue Reading “Brief Moments in Barcelona”

Sailing and snorkelling

After the shark feeding I was ready for a very lazy day on the Flying Cloud.  Sailing, snorkelling…and of course, rum punch!  No annoying Southern Families on this trip, just a nice family from Arkansas that accidentally ended up with Brendan’s waterproof camera. A… Continue Reading “Sailing and snorkelling”

Power boats, Wild Kingdom and shark bait

It claimed to be the adventure of a lifetime and while is was pretty damn fabulous I am hoping I still have yet to experience my adventure of a lifetime (and in any case for now that honor must go to my Paris ¬… Continue Reading “Power boats, Wild Kingdom and shark bait”

Rum punch and Kalik at the Fish Fry

Don’t know the name of the hut….but it had a sign saying “Cold Ass Beers”.  How could we not sit down and have a beer. Brendan and I took a moment to marvel at the making of conch salad (raw conch, lots of onions,… Continue Reading “Rum punch and Kalik at the Fish Fry”

The three part fish sale in the Bahamas

First off…I am glad I wore trainers as I didn’t realise fish shopping would mean scrambling over fishing boats. I was on a mission for a grouper.  Surprisingly, the only fish to be found in the supermarkets near where I am staying in Cable… Continue Reading “The three part fish sale in the Bahamas”