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An ode to “happy”meat….

So why is it if an animal is considered ‘cute’ then it shouldn’t be eaten?  I pose this question after receiving a startling number of very negative comments over my leftover rabbit stew I was eating for lunch in the office.  As soon as… Continue Reading “An ode to “happy”meat….”

Moving with the seasons

Coming back from the sun in Barcelona to the chilled air and pissing down rain of London put me into a bit of a funk.  My plane touched down to an absolute downpour.  Home by 10pm and then back in to the office the… Continue Reading “Moving with the seasons”

Clinging to summer

So…how to prolong the last gasp of summer….BBQ, bountiful fruit and gorgeous tomatoes….oh yes, and a glass of chilled rosé.  Tonight I had to make do with just the tomatoes. I’ll aim for the full summer blowout on the weekend, if it doesn’t rain.

Truffles and tomatoes

Last summer I fell in love.  I spent a few days in Cortona and fell in love with truffles.  Truffle oil…truffles on pizza, truffles on pasta…truffle-infused honey with pecorino…I left with a jar of truffles and a shiny new truffle slicer.  For a month… Continue Reading “Truffles and tomatoes”

Hello world!

Hello world indeed…, err, well I am not even sure who I am writing for, well that isn’t entirely true, I am obviously writing for myself and we’ll see where it goes.  I thought this might be a good way to capture my very… Continue Reading “Hello world!”