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My Food Porn Addiction

So, at the risk of ending up in some Google search I’d rather not know about  – here is my confession: I am addicted to food porn.  Yep, I can’t get enough glossy pictures, new recipes, tantalizing restaurant reviews, swaggering TV chefs and more… Continue Reading “My Food Porn Addiction”

A Good Burger in London

Who doesn’t like a good burger?  For  me, I think a burger has some sort of calming reaction with my body, it sounds strange, but somehow the comforting dribble of grease and cheese makes any stress just melt away (for you veggies out there-… Continue Reading “A Good Burger in London”

C’mon everyone- open up those palates!

So…someone I have known for a few years ‘doesn’t do Italian’.  What?!  I hear you say doesn’t like subtitled films?  No, he doesn’t eat any Italian food. Any, if he can help it.  When I pressed him on this he said it was because… Continue Reading “C’mon everyone- open up those palates!”

The Ultimate Compliment

Cassoulet!  The ultimate winter comfort dish…and last night I received the ultimate compliment: “This is the best Cassoulet I have ever had- including what I had in Carcasonne”.  And this was from a Frenchman.  I have to admit it was indeed delicious, but that… Continue Reading “The Ultimate Compliment”

Back in blog

Ok, I have been very very naughty and ignoring the blog…no good excuses, I could blabber on about the crazy change last year…settling in to new job this year, but hat is no excuse. If anything that should have been more of a reason… Continue Reading “Back in blog”

A lapsed vegetarian

So, hard is it may to be believe (given my penchant to post on my love affair with meat) I am a lapsed vegetarian. OK, it was when I was supremely young and terribly impressionable and it started with a book loaned to me… Continue Reading “A lapsed vegetarian”

Healing properties of bread

Ok… a long absence and lots of craziness, but realised my lost mojo was in the kitchen. Have spent the last couple weeks cooking and eating entirely too much, but have discovered that bread making is not only tasty…but good for the soul and… Continue Reading “Healing properties of bread”

Hurry up and wait….

Ok…so here I sit in Geneva….pondering the sunny day outside while I sit inside. I am here for work, and unfortunately the work is today separated by long spans of wait, so the day is creeping along. To kill time I am trying to… Continue Reading “Hurry up and wait….”

….and new butcher

McKanna Meats at 21 Theobald’s Road….not quite a five minute walk from my new office and a meat-lovers dream! Recommended by a friend who works at the BBC. The first thing she said when I told her I would be at Chancery Lane was,… Continue Reading “….and new butcher”

New Year, New job, New Lunch

A new year and I have started a new job…in a great location, a Grade II listed building (the former patent office). Fabulous, but apparently a microwave isn’t allowed in the building, which means I need to rethink lunch. I don’t want to fall… Continue Reading “New Year, New job, New Lunch”