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Green soup, with a variation for creating ‘stinky pee’

So…Katherine did this lovely illustration for asparagus, and while it isn’t in season for all of us around the world right now, it is one of my favourite vegetables (that wasn’t always the case) so any excuse.  This is a recipe for a really… Continue Reading “Green soup, with a variation for creating ‘stinky pee’”

Midweek Mushroom Soup

Did you know a single large portobello mushroom can have more potassium than a banana? A good excuse for a rich earthy mushroom soup. This is a simple soup to pull together, and it is always fun to whizz stuff up in a blender. … Continue Reading “Midweek Mushroom Soup”

A fresh little salad

A lovely little recipe from Katherine,  and a nice welcome to spring! Katherine lives in California, so Spring might be a little bit closer than here in London. I am certainly ready for some nice refreshing salads…..and will be trying this one out soon. 5… Continue Reading “A fresh little salad”

Berry Nut Slump

‘What is a slump?’ I hear you ask….well, it isn’t a cobbler and it isn’t a crisp.  It is kind of calfouti-esque (and what is a clafouti? in that it is basically a bunch of fruit covered in a batter, but for a… Continue Reading “Berry Nut Slump”

Katherine’s Simple Pasta

This is a quick, simple and healthy dish to pull together – perfect for a midweek meal, and should please most kids! Handful of grated Parmigiano-Reggiano or Parmesan cheese 2 cups cherry tomatoes 3 cloves diced garlic Zest of 1 lemon Dash Olive oil… Continue Reading “Katherine’s Simple Pasta”

London Omelette

Not ‘folded frying pan’ omelette, not a ‘Denver’ omelette, not a Spanish omelette (which is actually called a tortilla in Spain – not to be confused with those corn or flour tortillas you use for burritos and tacos!)….and there really isn’t an ‘official’ London… Continue Reading “London Omelette”

Thees’ Triple Chocolate Hazelnut, Nutella Brownies

Happy Valentine’s Day!  ….and for me Valentine’s is not just about loving couples, it is about showing your love for your friends and family.  And what better way to show your love than with chocolate! I created this for a 5-year-old chocolate monster named… Continue Reading “Thees’ Triple Chocolate Hazelnut, Nutella Brownies”

Katherine’s Apple Cobbler

Apple Cobbler the perfect fall dessert and a nice alternative to apple pie. This is a recipe from Katherine, she has to keep gluten out of her diet- so in addition to being a tasty apple-filled dessert, the added bonus is this is also… Continue Reading “Katherine’s Apple Cobbler”


Wikipedia says a Zeppola is “an Italian pastry consisting of a deep-fried dough ball of varying size but typically about 4 inches in diameter.”  This is a recipe from Dennis- Katherine’s partner.  He is known for cooking up some lovely meals…..often with an Italian… Continue Reading “Zeppole”

Joyceeeee’s Potato Salad

This is Katherine’s (the one who is creating all these great illustrations) mom’s potato salad recipe. She asked me to post this today so “folks can make it for the Thanksgiving holiday”. Definitely a nostalgic, and classic recipe (at least for us Yanks).  As… Continue Reading “Joyceeeee’s Potato Salad”