The top five French food things that make me smile right now

Subject to change of course…come back here in truffle season.  So here they are in no particular order.

  1. Having dedicated chocolate bar and ‘apéro biscuit’ aisles at the super market. Not just a sweet/candy aisle (that is a separate aisle!) but a whole section that is dedicated to bars of chocolate.  And c’mon, a place takes their pre-dinner drinks seriously when there is a dedicated ‘nibbles’ section in nearly every grocery store, big or small.  Not surprisingly Dom and I have heartily embraced the apéro, a drink and some small nibbles to wind down from the day and bridge the time to dinner. Why not.
hmmm, the dark with salted almonds?


Now what goes well with a Negroni?

2.  Fromage. I will likely never be able to taste every single cheese in France.  But I will do my best. Cheese, cheese, everywhere: goat, sheep, cow, creamy, dry, sharp, blue, wrapped in leaves, rolled in ash, infused with truffles….

Would you like Cabecou, Cabecou or Cabecou?

3. The menu du jour at most brasseries/local restaurants. A bargain!  For 12-16 euro you get 3 courses of very good seasonal food.  Usually 2-3 choices each for the starter, main and dessert – and often a coffee comes with the meal as well.  So far we haven’t had a bad meal.  Top that with a ‘demi’/pitcher (500mL)of the house wine for a pittance and two people can have a very satisfying lunch for around 30 euro.


4. The bread and pastries in France are not overrated.  A good crusty ‘Quercynoise’ loaf and a pain aux raisin – and I am a happy bunny.


5. And, of course, the markets. Apart from the amazing array of beautiful, seasonal food and artisanal products it is an event in itself, as much a social destination as a necessity for shopping.  A lot of the enjoyment comes from chatting to the vendors and watching the world go by.  Where I live you can find a market just about every day of the week, but the ‘big ones’ tend to be Saturday (best is Cahors) or Sunday (best is Montcuq).

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