How not to leave London…or a few tips to avoid the bumps in the road.

So…a few tips to ensure your departure from London is a smooth one…not that you live in London or are leaving any time soon. But just in case, my top 5 tips, in no particular order.

  1. Keep away from narcissistic, delusional people trying to take your money. OK I know this seems like a no-brainer and I throw it in because I haven’t been able to completely avoid this…but I am trying to not let it suck my energy and focus on the positive. Which I imagine is what one should do with all people in their lives who are a massive pain in the booty. That is all for that.IMG_2310
  2. Try not to lose your dog. If you happen to be staying at your neighbour’s house after moving out of your own house…make sure the garden is secure, or lock the dog in the house. I came home after popping out to have my nails done (yes, frivolous I know) to find an empty garden…cue massive heart palpitations…I ran around the neighbourhood, knocking on doors to see which garden he had escaped to …ran to the different parks he visits during the week….asked everyone I could see if they had seen a large husky. No luck. I saw someone coming out of our old house and asked if he had seen large husky ….he said no. So, an hour and half later I am panicked and Dom suggests the dog went ‘home’ jumped the fence and went back through the dog door into the house. The worker hadn’t seen him, but as I had no other options I went to the front door and called him. Lo and behold- there he was. Silly dog. Wouldn’t come out of the dog door, we had to sneak in through the front to let him out. Argh.IMG_2307
  3. Don’t work up until the day you leave. I thought, no big deal, I can juggle. No, you really do need a couple days to focus on the move…so you don’t end up in your new house with a duvet cover but no idea where to find the fitted sheet, and the fuse has blown so you are working by candlelight frantically opening boxes….and all you want to do is sleep.IMG_2287
  4. Try not to schedule your wedding 5 days before you have to move out of your house. No need to expand on that…it seemed like a good idea, and the wedding was fabulous. The following days were a bit frantic.IMG_2340
  5. Do enjoy the ferry ride…pretend it s a cruise, take a ‘promenade’ on deck, have a bon voyage cocktail, and if you are on Brittany Ferries, the self serve resto is actually pretty good and has good selection of wine.

Next up…oh yeah…we bought a really old house no one has lived in for nearly a year. Yay!!

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