Lots of ‘little’ things

Soooo…..house nearly sold, and house nearly bought. And only a million little things to do. It seems every time we add something to the list and partially check it off we discover 3 more things we need to do. Don’t get me wrong I am not at all complaining- conversely, it is driving me at the moment – making me enjoy the journey and tempering my impatience to just get on with the next chapter.


So what are some things I have been doing ….errr, working full time, buying a wedding dress, reading and/or writing in French every day, getting wedding rings, booking a food truck for the wedding reception, sorting a pet passport, having the swimming pool in France assessed (don’t go there)…a lovely old pool, note the old.


Oh yes, and garden advice (I’m waiting for that assessment…) chasing quotes from the builder, prepping to get my own Schengen visa (required as a non EU citizen married to an EU citizen to get residency in France)…which means sorting temporary health insurance, and lots of supporting paperwork. I will be cutting it close- it supposedly takes 2 days once you apply, but can take longer. I am applying in August (infamously a slow month for France) and have 4 days to get the visa before we drive on to a ferry. Oh yeah – ferry booking for the car with a roof rack, beds for us and a large dog kennel for Lupo. AND figuring we don’t want to do an 8 hour drive in a day with a big dog after an overnight ferry…sort a place to stay on the way (Tours here we come!)…then a place to stay until we sign the Acte de Vente (studio apartment in Cahors). Good thing the French are pretty cool about accompanying furry friends. HOPING that timing is also enough for the money to cross the channel in time to close the deal.

Eeeeek! I am not freaked or stressed by this…it is really energising and each step brings us closer to this new adventure.

Dom’s night time reading has been ‘pig-keeping’ and ‘grow your own veg’, my night time reading has been ‘running a BnB and gites (and goat keeping), and we have been carefully looking over the local wine map we got when we were last in Cahors. Very important for us to learn as much as possible about the local wine…we need to make suggestions to our future guests.

Next on the list:

  • Sort packing and removal
  • Sort tax/social security payments cross border with UK/France (and the US…ouch)
  • Internet – looks like we will be moving to a broadband black hole…so may have to get an alternate ‘WiMax’ connection

The slightly more fun bits- Dom and I are taking a pig butchery course soon and I just signed up for a sourdough bread course. We have every intention of making the most of the bread oven – which we think is a couple hundred years old! I have a sneaky suspicion Dom and I are going to have ‘bread-offs’.

With all of that there is still – living and enjoying each day. As much as I am impatient to move to France I am also going to miss London and our friends here. We are trying to soak up as much of that as we can, making dates to see friends, eat at fabulously delicious restaurants, drink wonderful cocktails. And. Breathe.

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