Your initials here, and here, and here…

So I think that means we’ve committed. In France when you make an offer and it is accepted you then sign a Compromis de Vente, which is a binding contract, accompanied by a 5-10% deposit that you lose if you pull out of the sale. The CdV also lists all costs so you know exactly how much you need to buy the house….all inclusive (stamp duty fees etc all to be paid at once)!

All the contracts and ‘conveyance’ searches (land boundaries, electrics, gas, termites, risk of ‘natural’ damage e.g. flood/earthquake, and other odd bits) are handled by a Notaire who is neutral – working more-or-less for the government and not the buyer or the seller.

I am still a little shocked we actually found and fell in love with a house and are on track to buy it and move in about 4 months!! Eeek!

We’ve been really lucky – we worked with a couple really great estate agents who were incredibly helpful. Ludovic, who is the agent we are actually buying the house from, has really gone out of his way to help, even finding a Notaire who spoke English and sitting with us through the signing, taking time to work with the Notaire to explain the whole 20 page contract.

It was a short list of 3 houses- each with great opportunities but our hearts were really with one, so each time we compared we always went out of our way to find the ‘superiority’ and reason to buy…

Ludovic arranged for us to meet with Laurent, a maître d’œuvre, (a builder), to walk through the house with us and develop a quote on the work that needs to be done (mostly cosmetic, and renovating the pool).   We will get the ‘devis’ in a couple weeks and then I will se just how good my French was. I imagine someone watching from a distance might have been quite confused- it involved a lot of repetition, hand waving, some slight interpretative dance and occasional sharing of google searches on our phones, followed by nodding of heads.

The idea is we can make some initial decisions now an then get the worked booked in for September…because if we wait to August to try and get a quote – all of France is on holiday and it just won’t happen.

The final ‘high’ of the trip was finding out just before we boarded our plane back to London that Emmanual Macron had won the presidential election….

So, now we just have to start solidifying our vision…and then bring it to life!

2 Comments on “Your initials here, and here, and here…

  1. Your life and new adventures sound wonderful. I wish you the best. Life can be hard at times, but just follow your dreams. Love you sweet Wendy. You remind me of your Mother. I miss her everyday. Hugs to you and yours

  2. Beautiful Wendy – I am speechless. With lots of love!!

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