…and now for pigs

Food, poo, sex and a lot of mud.  That pretty much sums up the last two days. Part of the ‘France Plan’ is to have a smallholding – with pigs at the centre (Dom has always had a thing for pigs…and we both love charcuterie). So we figured it might be useful to actually figure out how to manage pigs, and a smallholding in general. We had read some engaging books by Simon Dawson, who moved with his wife Debbie from London to Devon over 10 years ago, starting from no experience and now they are running a successful smallholding/small pig farm in Devon.

The books are a good read, entertaining and informative: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Simon-Dawson/e/B003HJE5OS/ref=sr_tc_2_0?qid=1489941872&sr=8-2-ent

…so we signed on for the two day smallholding course at Hidden Valley Pigs (http://www.hiddenvalleypigs.co.uk/) and headed off to Exmoor. The weather wasn’t exactly welcoming, but the location was so beautiful we really didn’t mind.

Before lunch on the first day we had learned: male ducks have an insatiable sex drive and won’t hesitate to hop on whatever bird is nearby (e.g. a chicken!), orphan lambs get stressed when they are moved around and their diet changes, which leads to runny poo….and they might poo on you while you are ‘ringing’ them (google it, let’s just say you boys out there might not like it). Also – you can do some amazing things with quail eggs (smoked eggs anyone?). ‘But what about the pigs?’ you say.

Ahh yes, the pigs. Lovely Berkshire Black pigs happily roaming around the woods. We fed, watered, hung out with, watched and even chatted with the pigs. Simon’s passion about the pigs was infectious and if we weren’t convinced before- we definitely want to raise pigs now. There is something very engaging and relaxing about the pigs, on our last day, Dom and Simon and I were just chatting and watching the pigs for nearly an hour…putting the world to right.

Debbie filled our heads with loads of info on breeding and birth, of not only pigs (did you know pigs have kind of a double uterus and so will pass two afterbirths?) but goats, geese, chickens, ducks and turkeys.

Food- apart from feeding the animals (bottle feeding the lambs was particularly fun) we were also fed, and our last lunch of a fried goose egg on toasted freshly baked bread was delicious.

Mud- lots of it, in some places it was nearly to the top of my wellies. I imagine it would get quite tedious after awhile, but I was like a naughty child and enjoyed squidging around.

We are really energised for the next steps…just waiting for an offer on our house. We are thinking we will start with a few pigs and chickens (then goats will likely join the fun!)…and are looking into an old French breed pig, the Black Gascon, which apparently makes a great ham! Now I think we may need to learn a little charcuterie.

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