For sale! ….and budget considerations (yawn).

The house is now ‘decluttered’ (sort of….) and on the market.  10 viewings so far and it is all a bit manic, no ‘smelly’ cooking, everything put away, floors constantly hoovered and mopped and making sure the dog is sorted  (e.g. out of the house during viewings)…probably not the most inviting thing for everyone to be welcomed by a large wolf-like creature, despite that fact he is very friendly.


I am a bit torn- I hope we get an offer soon so we can get back to ‘normal’ but I am also aware that once we accept an offer ‘normal’ is going to mean lots of admin and planning….and the fact we are likely to be homeless for a bit given we can’t actually buy anything in France until we are confident our London home is really sold. House buying and selling in the UK is infamously volatile and being in a chain of interdependent buyers and sellers can be a nightmare…and we have been in a chain that fell apart, not fun.

So the next task for us is getting a better idea of various restoration/renovation  and building works costs in France so we don’t get stuck with something that seems a good buy…and then end up breaking the budget.  We aren’t planning to buy something that needs extensive renovation, but we also know that whatever we buy is unlikely to be ‘perfect’ and may need another gite, or upgrade, or a swimming pool (or renovate a swimming pool)….or fencing for fields etc.  Yeah, this isn’t exactly the exciting bit, I still seem to be smiling to myself a lot.





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