The first day of the next bit

Many of my friends know I’m moving ahead with a pretty big life change right now.  The moment it became ‘reality’ for me was the afternoon of 19 October 2016, while I was sitting on a train platform in Jerez, waiting for a train to Cadiz.  It was the first proper ‘holiday’ I had taken since both of my parents had died earlier in the year and the utter relief to just be sitting quietly in the sunshine with Dom was almost startling.  We had been discussing the need for a change for months and knew we wanted to sell up and move to France…but at this point it was just talk.   I was looking at my phone to kill the time, checking my email and saw 5 emails from friends and recruitment agents almost one after the other highlighting freelance opportunities. I looked up at Dom and said, ’that is it, I am giving notice as soon as we get back’.  Which I did…sort of, I wrote the letter as soon as I  got back and then waited for my line manager to return from her holiday …and handed in my notice on Wednesday the 2nd of November. I then had an amazing dinner at Wild Honey with a couple friends (who I am now freelancing with!).   I started freelancing last week…and am now moving full steam ahead and aiming to get to France by the end of the year.  In addition to my foodie and kids cooking posts, I am going to start tracking this’next bit’ here.  So, cheers to everyone…and  hope you see you in France next year!


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