The Legend of the Giant Yorkshire Pudding

For awhile now I have been hearing tales of the elusive (well, elusive in London at least) Giant Yorkshire.  Most of the extolation is from my boyfriend who associates the Giant Yorkshire with his happy college days. I think he has been on a mission to introduce me to this Northern delicacy, so when I suggested we get outta town he suggested we go to Ilkley for the weekend.  We stayed at a really nice pub on the Ilkley moor, The Cow and Calf (amazing view from our corner room…ask for room 3 f you go, it is lovely!).


So, the Giant Yorkshire…very serious comfort food.  We ended up capturing one at The Hermit pub. That is a nice bit of roast lamb and some tasty gravy hiding away in there.  If you happen upon the elusive beast, do give it a go. And as a bonus …pie and peas, that would  be mushy peas, apparently another Northern Delicacy and I have to say, better than any I have had in London.

The Giant Yorkshire
The Giant Yorkshire
Pie and Peas at The Fox pub in Shipley
Pie and Peas at The Fox pub in Shipley



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