A Good Burger in London

Who doesn’t like a good burger?  For  me, I think a burger has some sort of calming reaction with my body, it sounds strange, but somehow the comforting dribble of grease and cheese makes any stress just melt away (for you veggies out there- even a good veggie burger can work…sometimes).  It has to be a good burger though.  Growing up in California, Fatburger and In-n-Out will always hold a special place that can’t be matched- but that has as much to do with the place as the burger.

I am constantly updating  my short burger list in London, and like my old favourites from California, the place has to be as characterful as the burger.  My top three right now, in no particular order:

The beef and marrow sliders from Spuntino.  Yum. Yum. Yum.  The free uber-greasy popcorn while you wait for your food is a particularly special added bonus.  Don’t even pretend you will be satisfied with one, you will be left wanting.  Get two (or three depending on how hungry you are) and a side of the very tasty fennel slaw to contrast with the richness of the sliders. I am on the fence about all these no reservation places in London, but I keep going back, and have been trying to figure out the good off hours (early or late dinner seems to be good…4pm or 10pm).

Another fab burger and another no reservation joint (and trust me, this is a ‘joint’) – the Dead Hippie burger at Meatliquor.  If you are intent on stopping your heart completely- order the chili fries (reminiscent of good ‘ol Fatburger chili fries) as well, and then plan to not eat for a few days.  This is the epitome of a ‘classic’ cheeseburger, two patties of freshly ground deliciousness cooked just enough to hold together and topped with ‘special sauce’ cheese, lettuce tomato, pickle and onion.  This is at least a three napkin burger.  Juicy goodness. Best with a nice cold beer.

two dead hippes
Two dead hippies and a side of chili fries. Yes, probably too much food for two people.

And finally- a sort of posh burger.  The mouthwatering Kimchi burger at Hawksmoor Seven Dials.  Oh. My. Big fat generous burger, falling out of its bun topped with a good pile of fiery Kimchi.  Who knew my mouth could be so happy….washed down with a nice slug of Ridge Zinfandel (I am from California after all) and the world is good.

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