Vegas Baby!

Disneyland for grown-ups…..or maybe in the spirit of Hunter S Thompson, Disney on acid. Either way Las Vegas is a very surreal place. Smack in the middle of a desert…..a bizarre oasis of global ‘replicas’ and fantasies. For some strange reason I like the place. I wouldn’t stay more than a few days…I think the sparkle and glint might begin to tarnish when your brain begins to question the reality of your surroundings.

And what about the food…well for this trip I was actually working so food wasn’t at the top of the activities (in fact I didn’t even gamble….Shock!). On previous trips I have been lucky enough to indulge in some over-the-top cuisine and pretty much every single celebrity chef on the planet has at least one over-the-top restaurant. You just don’t do things quietly in Vegas….you shout.

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