I am a lifelong, passionate food geek and self taught cook who has been travelling to France for the last 30 years…and finally made the leap and moved here at the end of 2017. My husband Dominic and I have been immersing ourselves in the local food culture, meeting winemakers and farmers, taking charcuterie courses (the photo on the right is me at Kitchen at Camont in Gascony- learning charcuterie from the fabulous Kate Hill) and finding our way in to family homes where we have been learning the stories behind the local cuisine. We are both excited to share our knowledge and introduce people to authentic local cuisine.

The Quercy Food Experiences are deep dives in to the food and cuisine of the area for people who want to satisfy their cravings for authentic local insights that go beyond Google and the Rough Guide.

You can also find some random musings, recipes and stories behind some of our experiences here in France (and beyond) in my blog .